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Northville Computer Repair Services

We provide every service you might need for your computer(s).  Bring your computer to our Livonia office or we can send a technician to your home or business.  Serving Northville, our technicians are only a phone call away! 

Call Now! (248) 467-9575

Below are our most common computer repair services:

  • Spyware, Adware and Virus removal
  • Computer won't boot
  • Installing new computer hardware
  • Networking multiple computers
  • Fixing errors
  • Securing Windows and your computers
  • Recovering data from hard drives
  • Repairing laptops
  • Replacing laptop LCD screens
  • Migrating data to a new computer
  • Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
  • Installing and securing wireless networks
  • Setting up a new PC
  • Computer investigations
  • Speeding up slow computers

What's included with your $99.99 flat-rate computer repair service?

With our flat-rate service, we spend a lot of time making your computer run well. Along with fixing your original problem, here's what else we do to every computer we service:

  1. Test your hard drive to make sure it's functioning correctly

  2. Test your hard drive for corruption and fix if found

  3. Check Windows log files for errors

  4. Disable or uninstall programs that slow the computer down

  5. Update Windows with the latest patches and security fixes

  6. Update Microsoft Office to get the latest patches

  7. Update computer drivers to get maximum stability

  8. Make sure amount of RAM currently installed is enough

  9. Update or install antivirus or anti-malware program

  10. Clean out temporary Internet files and junk files

  11. Update Adobe Flash and Java VM

Add our computer cleaning service for $10!

This will help your computer last longer and run cooler.  We will wipe down your computer and use a high-powered blower to rid your computer of dust! 

How do I get service? 

Getting the service you need is easy as 1 2 3!   

  1. Give us a call at (248) 467-9575 or click here to fill out a service request

  2. A technician will get details of your problem and in some cases can help you for free on the phone

  3. You can decide to drop off the computer at our Livonia office, or schedule a technician to come to your home or business in Northville