Luker Technologies


Custom High-Performance Computers

Besides normal computer parts, our specialty is custom-built computers.  When you're serious about your computer, we can hand-pick every single component to ensure the best computer possible.  Our specialty is high-performance gaming computers.  We can build a computer to fit every budget, from a used computer to a business computer to a ultra-high performance gaming computer.  When you want the best, don't settle for a mass-produced computer!  Ever want the fastest computer available, with all the latest technology?  We work within any budget to make it happen! 

Custom Built-to-order Computers

New Intel I7 gaming/power PC, complete with SLI graphics, optional liquid cooling, Razor mouse, and G15 lighted gaming keyboard.  All options customizable and available with the latest components.  You pick the style/lighting of the case and size of the monitor. 

*Starting at $2,500!

Used Computers

We sell a variety of gently-used computers.  Most computers are 2-3 years old, and thoroughly tested by a technician. 

**Starting at $150!

Give us a call at (248) 467-9575
for your own custom computer consultation! 

* Depends on components and options requested by customer.  Generally, no two computers are the same as they are built-to-order.  Contact us to configure and quote the perfect computer for you. 
** Used computer specifications and availability vary.  Please contact us to inquire on our current inventory.

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