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 Computer Repair Pricing

Luker Technologies offers reasonable on-site and drop-off rates that make technology easy and affordable.  Unlike our competitors, we are able to keep our costs low to afford to hire more qualified computer technicians.  We strive for quality, not catchy ad campaigns or special black and white cars.  We offer up-front pricing with no hidden fees, bench fees or "diagnostic" fees.  It's no wonder most of our new customers come from referrals!  To qualify for in-shop rate, computers must be dropped off at our computer shop in Livonia.

In-Shop Software Service

Comprehensive System Tune-up - $99
Your temporary files and cookies are deleted, and computer is checked for viruses.  The hard drive is tested to ensure proper functioning, and also checked for corruption.  The hard drive is defragmented, and non-essential programs are removed.  The computer’s error log is checked, and all the latest software updates for Windows, Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and others are installed. 

Virus Removal and System Tune-up - $135
We will remove any infection and ensure your computer is safe.  After the virus is removed, we also perform our comprehensive Tune-up to keep your computer running at the highest speed possible.

Reinstallation of Windows - $125
The hard drive is wiped, and a fresh copy of Windows (whichever version you own) is installed in either 32 bit or 64 bit.  The drivers are updated to the most recent versions, and the most common software (Java, Adobe, etc) is installed.  Windows is updated and checked to ensure everything functions.
Add data transfer package for only $50 (50% off retail)
Add System Backup for only $50

Program Installation - $35
We will install any program on your computer and apply the most recent updates.  The most common program is the Microsoft Office Suite.

Data Destruction - $99
If you have an old computer you want to donate or a desktop or laptop hard drive that you would like to destroy, we can ensure your information is permanently deleted.   We use software to wipe your hard drive to Department of Defense standards.   
A HIPA-Compliant certificate of destruction is available for $20

Email Transfer or Recovery - $79/account
Don’t panic if you can’t find your old email and contacts.  If you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc to manage your email, our experts can get your mail items, contacts and calendar entries restored.

Data Transfer - $99
If you have a new computer and want to transfer the data from your old computer (working or not), this service is for you.  We will transfer all the desktop icons, documents, pictures, music and Internet favorites to the new computer.  Service is priced per user profile that needs to be transferred.
Add a Comprehensive System Tune-up for $50 (a 50% Savings)

System Backup - $99
Let our experts create the perfect backup for you.  A forensic image is created, that saves every piece of information on your hard drive.  This allows us (or any other shop) to restore your computer back to the exact state as the time of the backup.  We can also do a byte-for-byte copy of your data to a separate hard drive that is instantly usable in case of a failure with your computer.
Add a Comprehensive System Tune-up for $50 (a 50% Savings)

In-Shop Hardware Services

Laptop LCD Replacement* - $79
Cracked, broken or otherwise non-functioning LCD or LED screen replacement. 

Laptop Motherboard Replacement* - $135
Replacement of non-functioning motherboard, any brand laptop except Mac.

Laptop DC Jack Replacement* - $200
Laptop is disassembled, motherboard is removed and the DC jack is removed.  A new DC jack is soldered on, laptop is re-assembled and tested for functionality.  Repair carries a lifetime warranty.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement* - $49
Old keyboard is removed and a new one is installed.  The new keyboard is tested for full functionality.

Desktop Motherboard Replacement* - $99
Computer is disassembled, non-functional motherboard is removed and new motherboard is installed.  Computer is re-assembled and tested for functionality.
Add a Comprehensive System Tune-up for $50 (a 50% Savings)

Desktop Component Installation* - $35
We will install any add-on card or expansion device, such as a new graphics card or new USB card.  Correct drivers are installed and device is tested for functionality.

Desktop Power Supply Replacement* - $79
Original power supply is tested for functionality and voltages. If test failed, all devices are unplugged and the dead power supply is replaced.  Cables are routed in an aerodynamic way to ensure proper cooling and computer is tested to ensure functionality. 
Add a Comprehensive System Tune-up for $50 (a 50% Savings)

Data Recovery Service – No Clean Room Required - $189
Data is recovered locally using our non-destructive forensic data recovery techniques.  Data is restored to a storage medium of your choice.

Advanced Data Recovery Service – Clean Room Required  - $1000+
Your drive is shipped to one of a handful of manufacturer-approved data recovery services.  Our technicians act as your liason to get your data recovered for the lowest possible price.  Data recovery rate over 99%, including hard drive arrays and physically damaged or broken hard drives.

Hard Drive Replacement (laptop or desktop)* $50
Removal and installation of any sized hard drive, including partitioning and assigning a drive letter.
Add a Comprehensive System Tune-up for $50 (a 50% Savings)

Memory (RAM) installation (laptop or desktop)* - $20
Upgrade your computer’s RAM to notice an instant performance boost.

Custom Computer Build - $250
Sit down with our technicians and we will determine what components and features you need in a new computer.  We will hand-select the appropriate components, choosing the best brands and models to ensure your computer will be the best it can be.  These parts would then be expertly assembled, configured and tested to make sure everything was perfect.  Windows will be installed and all drivers will be updated to the latest version.  We specialize in ultra-high-end performance and gaming computers.

Thorough Cleaning + Detailing - $30
Using a high-powered blower, your computer is opened up and the dust removed from every nook and cranny.  Frequent cleaning increases airflow, decreases operating temperature and diminishes odds of having a short circuit.  The exterior is wiped down using anti-bacterial spray and special LCD cleaner.

All Other In-shop Repairs* - $85/hr
Anything not listed above that we have the capability to do in-shop.

Door to Door Delivery - $50
If you are unable to make it to our Livonia office, we can pick-up your desktop or laptop and drop-off your computer when the repair is complete. 
Add 30 minutes of On-Site Support for only $25!

Rush Service - $50
Computer will be done next day as long as no special order parts required

Extreme Rush Service - $75
Every attempt will be made to have computer done within 6 hours or less

*Parts extra.  Special order parts may incur shipping delays.

On-Site Corporate Rate

Our prices are generally by the hour, though various support contracts are available.  Time is counted in 15 minute blocks.

On-Site Service - $99/hr
A technician will arrive on-site at your home or business and take care of anything tech-related that you require.  This includes installing network equipment, configuring wireless routers and networks,  setting up new computers or printers or anything else that is needed.  1 hour minimum.  A travel fee may applies for sites over 10 miles away.

Priority On-Site Service - $145 /hr
Emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours.  If you need a tech to come out during non-business hours, we’re available to help.

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