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Virus Removal

We remove all types of spyware, adware and virus infections.  We remove the infections, make sure everything is clean and take steps to make sure it won't happen agian.

  While other companies tell you "it's best to reinstall Windows..," we take a different approach.  Through experience and knowledge, we're able to manually remove infections from your computer without reinstalling Windows or losing any documents or pictures. 

Signs your infected with adware, viruses or spyware:

  • Fake antivirus programs will tell you "your computer is infected" and limit what you can do on your computer
  • Popups containing advertisements
  • Computer is running very slow
  • Your homepage has changed to something new
  • New icons appear in your taskbar or on your desktop

A majority of our calls lately have been for removal of fake antivirus programs.  We have the removal down to a science.

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